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Screened Loam

Screened Loam

Our loam originates from naturally decomposed organics mixed with compost to ensure perfect nutrient levels. It's has a rich, natural brown color, and is perfect for use with lawns and gardens. Since it's processed through a 1/2" screen, it's very fine and easy to handle.
3/8" PStone

3/8" P Stone

A smaller natural river stone that is light brown in color with tan highlights. It’s called “P” stone because it’s shaped like a pea. This is usually used around an above ground pool as edging. Best uses are for edging of pools, walkways, can be used instead of playground chip in a playground area for kids, good for fenced in pet play area.
3/4" Blue Stone

3/4" Blue Stone

A "blue-ish" gray stone that has sharp edges and is not recommended for walking on barefoot, but it can be driven on. This stone will form together if used as a driveway. Best uses are drainage, landscaping beds, driveways, buried piping, under decks, under sheds.
3/4" Native Stone

3/4" Native Stone

A decorative stone that is light gray in color. It has sharp edges, so it is not used for walking on barefoot. Best uses are drainage, landscaping beds, buried piping, stone wall backfill, or any decorative areas in your property.
3/4 Processed Gravel

3/4" Processed Gravel

Best used as a base product. It has a mixture of stone and dust. This is the material you would use under a driveway as a base or as a pad for a shed.
3/4" Round Stone

3/4" Round Stone

A natural river stone that comes from a river bed. The stones are round, smooth, and have rich brown colors. This stone can be used to walk on because of it's smooth, round edges. Best used for around pool (edges) or the bottom of a man-made pond to hold down a liner, landscape beds, or any decorative areas in your yard.
1/2" White

1/2" White Stone - NEW PRODUCT

A natural, uncolored, white stone resembling the color of baby powder. This stone is generally ½” in size with some smaller stone mixed in and is generally more rough than smooth. Best used for driveways, landscape bed edges, and any decorative areas on your property. A note of caution: this stone can be somewhat difficult to walk on with bare feet.
1 1/2" Brown River

1 1/2" Brown River Stone

This is a larger, tan river stone used mainly in planting beds, ponds, or as an accent to other landscape areas.
Mason Sand

Mason Sand

Very fine material. Used to level off any type of finished block product or used to mix with concrete.
Stone Dust

Stone Dust

This is a filtration-based material that is used underneath most walkways or patios.
Utility Sand

Utility Sand

Similar to beach sand. This material can be used in sandboxes, volley ball courts, etc. Also used as a rough masonry base.

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