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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can your trucks dump and where can’t they dump?

Answer: The trucks we use to deliver products are very heavy. The smaller trucks are around 15,000 lbs, while the larger trucks are 33,000 lbs. Soft grassy areas are a problem, because our truck will sink into the lawn and will most definitely do damage. Going into the back yard is also a no. While we understand it will take longer to move the products to the back of the property, the damage that we may do could be very extensive. We cannot dump over stone walls. When the truck’s dump body goes up into the air, the lower edge goes down toward the ground. We also need to be careful of low hanging wires. When the body is up in the air, it will be around 15 feet tall. We also need 9 feet in width to dump safely. Generally, we prefer the driveway area.

Question: What towns are in your free delivery area?

Answer: We service many towns in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. View our free delivery area.

Question: What is your minimum delivery?

Answer: 3 cubic yards is the minimum delivery of any mulch or stoneproduct without a delivery charge. Any delivery under 3 cubic yards will have an additional $50 trucking fee.

Question: How much mulch will I need?

Answer: Click Here to Use Our Calculator. 1 cubic yard will cover 100 square feet, approx. 3 inches thick.

Question: What is the most popular mulch?

Answer: Red Hemlock Blend and Black Forest are our two best sellers.

Question: How long will the color last?

Answer: You will generally get one full season out of the mulches. Depending on the winter, you may get two seasons.

Question: What is the difference between the mulches?

Answer: The tree origin of the material and the color.

Question: Is the mulch safe for children and animals?

Answer: Yes, but we don't recommend that children put it in their mouths.

Question: Can I split an order with my neighbor?

Answer: We have a 3 cubic yard minimum for each house without a delivery charge. If you need a smaller amount we can accommodate you, however there will be a small trucking fee.

Question: Are the mulches color enhanced?

Answer: The only materials that have a touch of dye is the Red Hemlock Blend and the Black Forest. That material only has approximately 10% dye.

Question: Will the mulch attract insects?

Answer: In general, insects will not be attracted to the mulch. Most insects are only attracted to wood, not mulch; however, there is always a possibility.

Question: Do I need to be home for my delivery?

Answer: No. If you will not be home, we ask that you leave a marker where you would like the product dumped. We do this for your convenience, because we know your time is valuable, and we want to ensure your product gets placed exactly where you want it.

Question: Can my product be delivered in the rain?

Answer: Yes. All bark mulch materials and stone materials can be delivered in the rain; however, screened loam cannot be delivered in the rain.

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