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Susan Demb
02-02-14, 7:00 pm
They came out and gave us an estimate as we have a thirty-foot retaining wall that all the dirt was washing out from behind it. We had gotten several estimates and they were the best. Not to mention as we were talking to the foreman, he came up with a design to help keep all the dirt from washing down the hill. He mentioned adding cobblestone to the left and right side of the wall and making a step in the right side wall so you can get up. They also ended up putting in ten cubic feet of filtered dirt and eight cubic feet of pine mulch. We never thought of adding anything to the wall to help keep the dirt from washing away. When he came up with that design off the top of his head, we were impressed. They told us that the work included the dirt and mulch and would take a day to complete; I was surprised. They had everything done and cleaned up all in the time frame they said. It looks just great. I think they are well worth every penny I spent with them. I like the fact that they were all here on time and if you had a question they could get the answer for you. Also they returned all of our calls quickly. We are very happy with the way it turned out.

Belmont, MA
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