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Paul Doherty Paul is a graduate of Northeastern University who attended college for the law program. He started cutting grass back in 1987 with a partner and friend from college. He went out on his own in 1992 with an interest in bark mulch and landscaping. Over the years Paul has done most jobs within his company, and now oversees the operation of D&D Mulch and landscape. The company bought and moved into a 19 acre site in Bellingham Massachusetts where their main offices are located.
Paul Doherty | President / CEO

Chad Garand Chad started with the Company back in 1994. He worked his way through the company by starting on the maintenance crew. He became a manager of our wholesale bark department in 1997 despite his young age. For over 10 years Chad was responsible for servicing our commercial mulch customers with the highest service possible. In 2007 Chad became the Vice president and General Manager of the company. His responsibilities with the company now are too many to mention.
Chad Garand | Vice President / General Manager

Jake Maffei Jake started with D&D back in 1998 as a mechanics helper. It was quickly learned that Jake had way too much knowledge for this position and was soon the head mechanic. In 2001 Jake became the Natick Facility manager. He was responsible for the distribution of all sales from this location. Jake became the Director of Operations back in 2003. He is responsible for the opening of 5 more retail locations for the company. His responsibilities today are endless, but mainly to keep the company running smooth each and every day.
Jake Maffei | Director of Operations

Autimes Moore Autimes knew nothing about the mulch business until she became employed with D&D Mulch in 2009. She has learned a lot about the business between now and then; some call her an expert in all things mulch. She started as a Administrative Assistant and soon took on the role working as the office manager for D&D. Autimes worked up to her Management position quickly and remains there today. Her daily responsibilities include billing, managing A/R, supporting other staff members, and most importantly, helping D&D's customers in the best way possible.
Autimes Moore | Office Manager

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